Hobbema Community Cadet Corps


Who We Are

Time to tell our story.  Are you wondering why and how our Cadet Corps started?  When we first met?  What's our mission?  Who we are?  Where we meet?  How has it evolved during the past four years?  What does our future hold for us?   Well.... here is our journey so far! 


In June 2005 under the direction of Inspector Doug RETI, the Hobbema Royal Canadian Mounted Police commenced a comprehensive crime reduction initiative to disrupt gang activity, drug abuse, associated violence and to educate the aboriginal youth about the dangers of these activities in the Cree First Nations community of Hobbema, Alberta.  Inspector RETI assigned Sgt. Mark A. Linnell and Cst. Richard D. Huculiak the responsibility to commence a Community Cadet Corps Program in Hobbema, AB.  The Four Cree Band First Nations of Montana, Ermineskin, Samson and Louis Bull have 52.8% of their population under the age of 18 and, over 80% of the adult population is unemployed.  This positive crime reduction approach involved a number of enforcement and preventative strategies intended to engage, empower and mobilize the community members against the gang and drug activity. The Hobbema RCMP continues to work with the First Nations Leaders and members of the community to improve the relationships with the RCMP through monthly consultative meetings.  Inspector RETI was promoted to Chief Superintendent, transferred to Ottawa RCMP Headquarters and appointed to the position of Director General, National Aboriginal Policing Services Branch in August 2006. Chief Superintendent Doug RETI retired from the RCMP in November 2008.

Several community consultations confirmed that many youth are susceptible  to the gang and drug lifestyle due to their desire for an identity that they can be recognized with--whether positive or negative.  The increase in gang and drug activity is an expected phenomenon when culture, language and a sense of pride in the family, school and community begin to erode.  This problem, especially in First Nations communities, has taken years to evolve and involves  a number of dynamics that are beyond what the police can expect to significantly influence.  While this is true, as service provider and leading organization in the community, the Police (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) need to be seen to contribute to the health and safety of the community by providing positive alternatives and safety for the youth at risk.

One alternative the Hobbema RCMP implemented is the development of a First Nations Community Cadet Corps Program that is incentive based and closely associated with the schools, community leaders and the RCMP.  The Cadet activities are specifically tailored to the needs and concerns of the native reserve youth with a strong emphasis on native culture, language, education, sports and a healthy lifestyle.   The goals and objectives of the Program are to prepare the youth for future leadership positions and challenges by mentoring the youth through positive attitudes and social development skills provided by culturally sensitive role models.   The priority of the Program is directed to the development of the youth with the assistance of their families, school, community leaders and the Police.   Cadet Instructors  utilize the 40 Developmental Assets of the Search Institute in Minneapolis, USA; (www.search-institute.org) it's Canadian partner, Thrive! Canada (www.thrivecanada.ca), and the program research of the Lions Club International Lions Quest Program to promote a safe, caring and healthy lifestyle for youth at risk.  The Cadet Instructors focus on the philosophy of Appreciative Leadership to empower the Cadets' passions and strengths to do their best  with the opportunities, resources and role models available in their community relationships and partnerships.  The Cadets thrive on their positive attitudes, abilities and achievements rather than worrying about  the negative obstacles that hinder their successes.  The sustainability of the successful Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program relies on the Cadets' ability to achieve measureable goals and dreams daily to prepare them for their future leadership careers in their communities.  The success and "secret" is not hidden, it is in the "Corps" of the Program.

Hobbema RCMP sponsored a Cadet Corps Instructor Training Program in October 2005 and graduated 18 Cadet Instructors.  On November 22, 2005 the HCCCP commenced with the Montana, Ermineskin and Samson Reserves.  The Louis Bull First Nations Cadet Program commenced on May 26, 2006.   On March 1, 2006 the Hobbema RCMP sponsored a second Cadet Instructor Training Course and graduated 32 more Instructors.  On August 17, 2006 Sgt. Mark A. Linnell and Cst. Richard D. Huculiak sponsored a third Cadet Instructor Training Course and graduated another 16 Cadet Instructors.  Between November 22, 2005 and May 2006, Sgt. Mark A. Linnell, Cst. Richard D. Huculiak, his daughter Heather Reddekop and son David Huculiak attended the Montana Band Cadets every Tuesday evening from 1700 - 2100 Hours;  attended the Ermineskin Band Cadets every Wednesday evening from 1700 - 2100 hours; attended Samson Band Cadets every Thursday evening from 1700 - 2100 Hours.    Commencing May 2006 Sgt. Mark A. Linnell, Cst. Richard D. Huculiak, his daughter Heather Reddekop and son David Huculiak attended the Louis Bull Band Cadets every Friday evening from 1700 - 2100 Hours until May 26, 2006 when all Four Cadet Bands started to attend their new Cadet Headquarters at the Samson Oil & Gas Building on the Samson Reserve.  The Hobbema Cadet Corps Program expanded exponentially every month resulting  in the need for all Four Bands of Cadets to attend together in the largest building in Hobbema, AB.   The amalgamation of the Four Cree Bands of Hobbema to meet, work and socialize together was the FIRST time that ALL FOUR CREE NATIONS started to interact with each other as youths, parents and community.  This Four Band relationship builds strong cultural, spiritual and traditional partnerships between the Bands and the RCMP.  The successful Hobbema Cadets meet every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 1800 - 2030 hours at their new Cadet Headquarters (Samson Oil & Gas Building) on Highway 611 East at 5 Mile Road on the Samson Reserve.

On May 19, 2006 Cst. Richard D. Huculiak was awarded the Police Officer of the Year Award for Crime Prevention at Government House, Edmonton, AB., by Solicitor General and Minister of Public Safety Honorable Harvey CENAIKO.  The award was in recognition of Cst. Huculiak's volunteer service and mentoring to the youth in Wetaskiwin and Hobbema, Alberta during 2005 - 2006 in the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Programs.  Please view the Alberta Government website at  www.solgen.gov.ab.ca.

The Hobbema Community Cadets are respectfully empowered by their Four Band Chiefs & Council and Education Administrators to receive school credits (Community Leadership Development) for their commitment to theHCCCP.  Senior Cadets from each Band are also empowered to attend monthly Chief & Council meetings  as Ambassadors of their respective Bands to discuss the concerns of the Youth in their community and to assist the Chief & Council with positive interactive solutio

On November 22, 2006 the successful Hobbema Community Cadets celebrated their 1st Anniversary at the Cadet Headquarters Building (Samson Oil & Gas, Inc) on Highway 611 East at 5 Mile Road on the Samson Reserve.  Over 800 Cadets, their families, community residents, partners/sponsors,  Chiefs & Council, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government representatives, radio, television and newspaper media attended to promote the successful event.  Several Cadets and Instructors were honored with medals and certificates for their LEADERSHIPPlease view the November 22, 2006 HCCCP 1st Anniversary Video on the "Events & Activities" section of the website.  Mr. Blaine CALKINS MP was not available to attend the Anniversary and in appreciation, Mr. CALKINS made a special "Members Statement" in the House of Parliament Ottawa, Ontario on November 22, 2006.  Please view Mr. CALKINS video on the "In The News" section of the website.

On May 26, 2010  MONTANA Reserve had 138  CADETS  and 2 Cadet  Instructors;  ERMINESKIN  Reserve had 267 CADETS  and 4 Cadet  Instructors;  SAMSON  Reserve had 441 CADETS  and 6 Cadet Instructors;  LOUIS BULL had 167 CADETS and 3 Cadet  Instructors. There were 1013 registered CADETS in the successful Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program, 72 registered Cadet Instructors, 1 Hobbema RCMP Community Cadet Corps Program Coordinator  Cst. Richard D. Huculiak, 1 RCMP Provincial Youth Cadet Program Manager Sgt. Mark A. Linnell, 1 parent volunteer, and 1 volunteer education tutor.

On September 1, 2010 Cst. Richard D. Huculiak (Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program Coordinator)  retired from the Hobbema Royal Canadian Mounted Police after serving six years with the HCCCP.  Cst. Huculiak knows that the Cadets, their leaders and community partners will ensure the continued success of the HCCCP.

On Wednesday November 21, 2007 the successful Hobbema Community Cadets celebrated their 2nd Anniversary at the Montana Band Administratrion Gymnasium with over 500 Hobbema Cadets, their families, residents, Chiefs & Council, sponsors and members of the Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government in attendance.  Over 150 awards, medals, certificates and trophies were awarded to the Cadets and Instructors for their dedication and LEADERSHIP.   Please view the 2nd Anniversary Video in the "Activities and Events" section of the website.  Mr. Blaine CALKINS MP was not available to attend the ceremony and he presented a  special "Members Statement" in the House of Parliament in Ottawa on November 22, 2007 to congratulate the successful Hobbema Cadets on their 2nd Anniversary. Please view the video of MP Blaine CALKINS in the "In The News" section of the website.  

Hobbema is the first reserve in Alberta to commence the Community Cadet Corps Program and the media have promoted the Program throughout Alberta, Canada and the World as the Largest Community Cadet Corps Program.  Several  Alberta First Nation and Metis Settlement Communities  (Cold Lake First Nations;  Siksika First Nations;  Piikani First Nations,  Sunchild First Nations; Tsuutina First Nations; Paul Band; High Prairie) have commened their own Community Cadet Corps Program after receiving Cadet Instructor and Leadership Training from Sgt. Mark A. Linnell and Cst. Richard D. Huculiak.  Enoch Cree Nation commenced their Community Cadet Program on December 4, 2006 with the assistance of the Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program Coordinators and Instructors.  Enoch presently has 25 Cadets registered in their Program.  Guinness World Book of Records completed their check to see if  the successful Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program  is the Largest Aboriginal Community Cadet Corps Program in the World. On March 10, 2008 the Guinness World Records Management team advised that they are "unable to accept this as a Guinness World Record because this item is a little too specialized for a body of reference as general as ours".  Hopefully in the near future, the HCCCP will be recognized and awarded the Guinness World Record as the "Largest Aboriginal Community Cadet Corps Program in the World."

On Thursday May 15, 2008 Mr. William HAMPSON CD, a military historian from Calgary, Alberta contacted Cst. Richard D. Huculiak to advise of the following:  "The Hobbema Army Cadet Corps was originally formed on October 14, 1952, designated as the Hobbema Indian Cadet Corps and known as #2439  19th Alberta Dragoons Army Cadet Corps, Hobbema, Alberta.    The Hobbema Army Cadet Corps was sponsored by the Catholic Indian League of Canada Hobbema Local and affiliated with the 19th Alberta Dragoons and the 19th Alberta Armoured Car Regiment (October 14, 1952) and the 19th Alberta Dragoons(January 1, 1955).  The Hobbema Army Cadet Corps was disbanded on October 22, 1968 and reactivated on March 3, 1975.  The Hobbema Army Cadet Corps was officially disbanded on December 31, 1975.  There is presently only one remaining member residing in Hobbema, Alberta from the original Hobbema Army Cadet Corps."  Cst. Huculiak is hopeful that the one remaining member will assist the present Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program to carry on the proud tradition and history of Cadet Training in Hobbema, Alberta. 

The success of any positive self-improvement and crime prevention/reduction Program requires dedicated community members (parents & Elders), leaders and most importantly, financial sponsorship/partnership with First Nations Band Chief & Councils, local businesses, Government agencies and personnel.  Support will be recognized and appreciated  by the youth at risk who are making a positive change and difference while achieving a positive identity by participating in a Cadet Program that continues to improve their lifestyle and assist them with future educational and employment careers, dreams and ambitions.  Future leaders need emotional, physical and spiritual support to make themselves and their communities safe.  The Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program provides the positive support required but needs financial assistance through sponsorship and partnership to continue the success of the Program for the youth at risk.  


ns to crime, violence, bullying, drug abuse and gang association concerns.


Cst. Richard D. Huculiak compiled statistical data on the successful Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program from August 2005 to August 2007 and completed a Chronological History of Events that provides details of dates, locations, names of Cadets, Instructors and Dignitaries attending and sponsoring the Hobbema Cadets throughout  Canada.  The Hobbema Cadets, Instructors and RCMP Facilitators were interviewed 420 times by several Radio, Television, Magazine, Newspaper, Book Authors, Documentary Reporters, University Researchers/Evaluators and Movie Reporters. There are 2,156 newspaper, magazine, community newsletters, radio, television and Internet articles written about the Hobbema Cadets.   The Cadets, Instructors and RCMP Facilitators have attended 79 Community Training Courses;  193 School performances and 322 Community & Government agency performances and meetings across Canada and in Jamaica.  In June 2007 the successful Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program was featured in a 47 minute documentary "SHADES OF BLUE" produced, written and directed by Susan POIZNER from http://www.shadesofblue.ca/ in Toronto, Ontario.  The Documentary portrays the history of the  drug, violence and gang problems of Hobbema, Alberta and the positive impact the Hobbema Cadet Corps Program has made to provide the youth a safe and healthy alternative to increase their education and future career dreams without drugs, violence or gang association. 

On February 16, 2008 the successful Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program's Documentary "Shades of Blue" was featured at the Pretty Hill Film Festival in Camrose, AB., hosted by MLA Verlyn OLSON. Please view their website at www.gray.xstreamhost.com.   On March 13, 2008 the HCCCP Documentary "Shades of Blue" was again featured at the Friends of the Edmonton Public Library Film Festival in the Stanley Milner Theatre to celebrate March 21 as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Between July 6 - 9, 2008 twenty-six (26) Hobbema Cadets, RCMP Facilitators Sgt. Mark A. Linnell and Cst. Richard D. Huculiak attended the RCMP Training Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan with Cadet Instructor Color Sergeant David Huculiak and one other Cadet Instructor, three (3) Cadet parent volunteers, one (1) University of Alberta Sociologist/Researcher and one (1) book author/movie producer to tour the RCMP Training Centre and Heritage Museum. On Monday July 7, 2008 at 4:30 PM,  the Hobbema Cadets presented a twenty minute drill/marching demonstration on the RCMP Parade Square for the RCMP Cadets, Instructors and Senior Officers.  The Cadets were interviewed by  reporters from the Regina Leader Newspaper and were featured on page two of the newspaper on Tuesday July 8, 2008.  On Wednesday July 8, 2008  at 11:00 AM the Hobbema Cadets were interviewed by CKCK TV, CTV and CBC Radio at the RCMP Heritage Museum where the Cadets presented a short drill/marching demonstration in the Museum parking lot for the media.  The Cadets enjoyed watching the RCMP Sunset Ceremony at 6:45 PM from their reserved seating area. The visit to the RCMP Training Centre provided an opportunity for the Hobbema Cadets to see, learn and dream about their future in the RCMP after they graduate from High School, College or University.  The Cadets receive frequent visits and information from the RCMP "K" Division (Alberta) Aboriginal Policing Section Recruiting Officer Cpl. Barry LeDOUX, and from the Grant MacEWAN and Norquest College Aboriginal Policing Coordinators.   PLEASE view the Cadets in action on the Photo Gallery and Activities and Events Pages on the website.

On Monday July 28, 2008 the Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program website was added to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police National website www.rcmp.ca/aboriginal/index_e.htm by Jocelyne COUTURE.  PLEASE view the RCMP website to prepare for your future career and to make your home communities safe, healthy and violence free.

Between Monday August 11 to Friday August 15, 2008 five (5) Hobbema Cadets (Elishia SADDLEBACK, Brittany NEPOOSE-RICH, Trent YOUNG, Telford ROASTING, Dean BRUNO-KELLN), Sgt. Mark A. LINNELL and Cst. Richard D. HUCULIAK attended a five day "Soaring Eagles Youth Mentor Camp" at Blue Lake Lodge near Hinton, Alberta.   The RCMP Officers and Hobbema Cadets attended the Camp on a voluntary basis to learn about each other's culture, understand their differences, accept the challenge to strengthen the Police (RCMP) and Youth (CADETS) relationship in the community of Hobbema, AB., for one year by maintaining close supportive contact and communication between them on a weekly basis. The Cadets were interviewed by the APTN (Aboriginal People's Television Network) and CBC Radio at the Youth Mentor Camp.  The Cadets also  presented their drill/marching demonstration and a short history of the successful Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program to the other youth and mentors who attended the Camp from across Alberta.  The Cadets and Hobbema RCMP Mentors appreciate the hard work, organization and invitation to attend the Youth Mentor Camp from Enoch RCMP Cst. Kimberly MUELLER.  The Hobbema RCMP Mentors, Volunteer Instructors  and Cadets attended the second annual "Soaring Eagles Youth Mentor Camp between August 19 - 25, 2009.  PLEASE view the Cadets at the Youth Mentorship Camps on the Photo Gallery Section of the website.

During the Summer of 2008, University of Alberta Sociologist/Researcher Kim SANDERSON completed a fifty-one (51) page Evaluation Plan on the successful Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program that is the first research/evaluation document written on the HCCCP and will be published in 2010.  The evaluation provides direction for the HCCCP to ensure future sustainability as a model youth development crime reduction program for First Nation youth at risk in Alberta and Canada. Contact  information will be provided in the near future for requests for the Evaluation Report. 

On Saturday November 29, 2008 the successful Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program celebrated their 3rd Anniversary at the Ermineskin Jr/Sr High School gymnasium.  This is the first time that the HCCCP chose a weekend date for their celebration and unfortunely there were only 200 people in attendance that included 41 Cadets, 5 Instructors and 2 RCMP Faciliators (Sgt. Mark A. Linnell and Cst. Richard D. Huculiak). This is the first year that Member of Parliament Blaine CALKINS was available to attend in person and he congratulated the Cadets, Instructors, parents and community leaders for their committment and success as a positive, sustainable model youth mentoring program for Canada to follow.  MLA Verlyn OLSON congratulated the Cadets and encouraged them to continue their LEADERSHIP role in their program and community. The Cadets presented their marching/drill skills under the command of Sgt. Mark A. Linnell and then the Cadets were presented their yearly Certificates of Achievement and Medallions.  One Hundred & twenty (120) Certificates and Medallions were prepared for the Anniversary with only eighty (80) recipients in attendance to receive their awards.  The Anniversary was featured in the Wetaskiwin Times Advertiser Newspaper; the Pipestone Flyer Newspaper;  and on 630 CHED Radio by Chris Gardiner. The 2009 Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program's 4th Anniversary will be hosted by Samson Cree Nation on Wednesday November 25, 2009.  Please view the HCCCP 3rd Anniversary photos on the "Photo Gallery" Section and view the video on the "Activities & Events" Section.  



The Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program is sponsored by and partnership with the Four Band Chiefs & Council of Montana (Chief Carolyn BUFFALO), Ermineskin (Chief Gerry ERMINESKIN), Samson (Chief Marvin YELLOWBIRD) and Louis Bull (Chief Rusty THREEFINGERS); Alberta Government agencies;  Canadian Government agencies; Canadian Pacific Railway (Police); Canadian Armed Forces (Bold Eagle and Regular Forces); Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Aboriginal Policing Services); RCMP Foundation;  Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans Association of Edmonton, Alberta;  Royal Canadian Legion Branch 26 Wetaskiwin, Alberta;  Samson Oil & Gas Inc.; Peace Hills Trust;  Peace Hills Insurance;  CQMS (Company Quarter Master Services Ltd), Morinville, AB;  Water Pure and Simple;  2A Computers;  Hobbema Glass;  Samson Lumber:  Lucky Dollar Grocery;  Hobbema Burger Baron;  The Patch Man;  The Pin Man;  Samson Food Bank;  Wetaskiwin Lions Club International;  Ponoka Lions Club International; Millet Lions Club International;  Pigeon Lake Lions Club International;  Pe Sakastew Healing Centre;  Ermineskin Women's Shelter; Maswachis Youth Justice Society; Samson Sewing Project;  Alberta Aboriginal Veterans Association; Sun Star Uniforms Edmonton, Alberta;  Town of Calmar;  Village of Warburg;  City of Leduc; City of Wetaskiwin; City of Wetaskiwin Public Works Department (Bob Stauth, Dan Maygard, Don MacDougall);  Camrose Trophy;  Lyon's Jewellery Ponoka, Alberta;  Chateau Louis Hotel & Convention Centre Edmonton, Alberta; Member of Parliament Blaine Calkins -- Wetaskiwin; Mayor Don Montgomery -- City of Wetaskiwin; MLA Verlyn Olson --Wetaskiwin Camrose;  MLA Dianna McQueen--Drayton Valley;  MLA Ray PRINS--Lacombe;   Drs. Johnson, Oliver & Martin Optometrists Wetaskiwin, Alberta;  Great West Containers Edmonton, Alberta;  Cable 10 TV Wetaskiwin, Alberta; McDonald's Restaurant Ponoka, AB.;  McDonald's Restaurant  Wetaskiwin, AB.; The Pipestone Flyer Newspaper Millet, AB.;  The Ponoka News Ponoka, AB.; The Wetaskiwin Times Advertiser; The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (Young Canadians Challenge);  Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) www.scarscare.org Athabasca, Alberta;  Norquest College  Edmonton, AB;  Grant MacEwan College Edmonton, Alberta; University of Alberta Criminology Department; Red Deer College Science Department--Red Deer, Alberta;  Health Canada (First Nations & Inuit Health Branch, Alberta Region);  Malmo Church, Wetaskiwin, Alberta;  Canadian Tire Store Wetaskiwin, Alberta;  Pretty Hill Film Festival--MLA Verlyn OLSON;  Teresa WOUTERS (Grande Prairie, Alberta) "Children of Hobbema"  Screenplay-Book-Movie Project; "Leaders of Tomorrow Awards"  Family & Community Support Services, Wetaskiwin, Alberta; Mr. William HAMPSON CD Calgary Military Historian; Family & Community Support Services of Wetaskiwin, Alberta; "Soaring Eagles Youth Mentor Camp" Westerose Gospel Church -- Pastor David Larson & Congregation; TELUS (Mr. Kevyn McGREGOR and Mr. Clyde HANNAY); Calgary Life Coachs Karen VAN RIESEN & Betty GOOD;  Rotary Club of Edmonton-Strathcona(Ron McCULLOUGH & Ted GRIFFITHS;Edmonton "RUSH" Lacrosse; Metis Settlements Region 10; Bargains Print Shop Westerose, AB; Alberta Solicitor General First Nations Policing (Mr. Ron HEPPERLE);  Health Canada First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (Selena SCHMIDT); Angie BAUMGARTNER Ponoka, Alberta; Jamaica Association of Northern Alberta; NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd., a subsidiary of TransCanada Pipelines Limited Calgary, AB:  Aboriginal Justice Initiatives Aboriginal Relations--Edmonton, AB.; Barry McKnight, Hobbema, AB.;  Ralph Wagner, Ponoka, AB.;  Al Weinhandle, Hobbema, AB.; Roots & Berries Pharmacy, Hobbema, AB.; Clainia Potts Education Director Montana First Nations, Hobbema, AB.;  Carol Wildcat, Hobbema, AB.; Gina POTTS  Montana First Nation Youth Development Director;  JANA (Jamaica Association of Northern Alberta);  Sobey's Grocery Wetaskiwin AB; Canada Safeway Wetaskiwin, AB;  Alberta Aboriginal Relations (Aboriginal Community Initiatives)( Aboriginal Justice Initiatives); Vince & Barb Fonteyne; Murray Semotiuk, Assistant Manager, Wetaskiwin Safeway Store; Patricia & David MITCHELL--Ontario;  Marie MOCKFORD--Edmonton, AB.;  Laura & Fred ROSS; Western Camp Services Ltd  www.westerncampservices.com;  Helen  Hanratty--Toronto, ON;  Cathy Gray -- Toronto, ON;  Craig Ferguson -- Lunenburg, Nova Scotia;  Mr. David DOWLER, Manager of the Wetaskiwin Boston Pizza Restaurant; Don HOLT, www.vantagepublishing.ca / www.hopeforthefuture.ca  Ottawa, On;  Desiree ABT, Wetaskiwin, AB. ;  Alberta Solicitor General Staff Training College; SAMIES 100B CLUB, Edmonton, AB. ;





The Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program is a combination of the "best practices" of the Royal Canadian Army, Air & Sea Cadets; Boys & Girls Clubs; Big Brothers & Big Sisters; Scouts & Girl Guides; and D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)Program developed to reduce crime, violence, school bullying, drug abuse and gang association in the community of Hobbema, Alberta.  The HCCCP is an interactive Crime Reduction Initiative that is 100% owned and administered by the Hobbema Cadets to provide a "Positive Safe Peer Network" to significantly reduce the "FEAR" factor that the gangs and drug dealers use daily to harass, threaten, intimidate, assault, shoot, stab and kill residents to claim "negative" status and territoriality in the Village of Hobbema, Alberta.  The Program's strength and growth is dependent upon community acceptance, empowerment and partnership with the youth, their families, Elders, Four Band Chiefs & Councils, Schools, Federal and Provincial Government agencies, Police (RCMP & Louis Bull Police Service) and community members.  The Program is the result of YOUTH at risk building positive relationships and partnerships with themselves, their families, school, community and the POLICE to live in "Harmony" to prepare for their future educational, occupational and LEADERSHIP positions to make positive choices and changes in their respective communities and the WORLD without sacrificing their Native Culture, Spirituality, Traditions and Language.  The philosophy and research of the Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets are used daily to prepare the Cadets for their future LEADERSHIP careers in their communities.



The Program was initially developed to address the concerns of the First Nations and Metis youth at risk in the community of Hobbema, Alberta., however, the Program can be implemented in any community with youth at risk.  The Program is facilitated and mentored in Hobbema, Alberta by the local RCMP to increase positive relationships between the youth, Police and the community.   The partnership provides guidance, knowledge, trust, respect, discipline, acceptance, experience and strength (spiritual, mental & physical) to everyone involved while assisting the youth with positive choices, discipline and alternatives to overcome daily negative obstacles and challenges that are preventing the youth from their future educational and career opportunites.



Girls and boys aged 5 to 18 years must be attending school on a full time basis to join and participate in the Cadet Program.  They do not have to be First Nations or Metis.  Persons over the age of 18 may apply as a casual volunteer or to be a Cadet Instructor.  Parents, Elders, Teachers/Counselors and anyone over the age of 18 may apply to the Program to assist, but they must first be Security cleared by the RCMP to work and associate with the youth.  The Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program provides a 3 day Cadet Instructor Training Course offered by accredited Hobbema RCMP Officers Sgt. Mark A. Linnell and Cst. Richard D. Huculiak.



All effective and efficient Programs require financial assistance to ensure their success and growth.  The costs for your Program will depend on the number of Cadets, support from your Chief & Council, financial resources available, community acceptance, and other funding options (Federal & Provincial Government/community businesses) available in your community.  Initially,  the Cadets require uniforms (that include shirts, jacket, pants, boots, belts, hats, shoe polish, shoulder patches, gloves, name tags and rank epaulettes) that range in cost from $200 - $400 per Cadet.  Other expenses will include training equipment (compasses, manuals, maps, camping supplies), flags, parade banner, drill rifles, exercise equipment, sports equipment, transportation and travel expenses.  The MOST IMPORTANT component of the Cadet Program is to promote the positive sincere feeling and appreciation of BELONGING and OWNERSHIP through a positive incentive symbol (UNIFORMS) to the Cadets.



No, the Police do not have to start your program, however, you may want to include them in your program as partners to assist the youth at risk to reduce crime, violence, bullying and gang activities.  The Police (RCMP) may participate in your Program as a Crime Reduction Initiative to build and strengthen positive relationships with the youth and community members.



The Cadets will participate in all Programs and activities already developed in their communities or, the Cadets and Instructors can develop their own Program.  Partnerships with all Schools, Youth Development Departments, Brighter Futures Departments, Health Services and Sports Clubs, will increase the Cadet's strength, flexibility and positive energy to improve their self esteem, skills, abilities and performance.  The Cadet Program is not in competition with the other Programs in their communities, it is a partner to all the other Programs and staff to bring them together for a common positive and cultural purpose to increase the youths' self and peer support system.



DRILL (Marching/Discipline)....Structure, self-discipline, teamwork, respect and LEADERSHIP.

ORGANIZED SPORTS...........Entertainment, fitness, teamwork, "esprit de corps", sportsmanship, LEADERSHIP.

SELF-DEFENSE......Fitness, confidence, self-discipline, teamwork and respect.

CANADA FITNESS STANDARDS.................Healthy Lifestyles.

DRUG/GANG/ALCOHOL/Bullying/SEX EDUCATION...............Awareness, risk, education and resistance skills.

CREE LANGUAGE & CULTURE..........Education, self-pride, self-identity, self-esteem.

COMMUNITY AWARENESS.........................Assist community agencies/members/Elders with projects (graffiti removal, parades, pow wows, round dances).

COMPETITION RIFLE...Firearm Safety Training Course, respect, self-discipline.

GUEST SPEAKERS....Educational career planning, LEADERSHIP skills.

LIFE, EDUCATION & EMPLOYMENT SKILLS..............provided through Federal Government, Service Canada Links Program.

ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE.....Recruiting and Crime Reduction Programs. 

CANADIAN ARMED FORCES......Recruiting Program (Bold Eagle and Regular Forces). 

CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY.................Recruiting Program (CPR Police Service).

PEACE HILLS TRUST.............Recruiting Program for careers in Financial Services.

PEACE HILLS INSURANCE.....Recruiting Program for careers in Risk Management & Insurance.

SAMSON OIL & GAS INC. .....Recruiting Program for careers in the Oil and Gas Industry.

GRANT MacEWAN COLLEGE......Future Educational scholarships and Program development.

NORQUEST COLLEGE..........Future Educational scholarships and Program development.

UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CRIMINOLOGY)......Research Evaluation, Practicum Student Placement, Future Educational scholarships and Program development.

RED DEER COLLEGE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT....Future Educational scholarships and Program development.

DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARDS...........Accredited community service recognition and LEADERSHIP skills.

MUSIC  EDUCATION.............Cadet Drum & Bugle Band, music competitions, music skills.

SECOND CHANCE ANIMAL RESCUE SOCIETY (S.C.A.R.S.).............Assist community animal control agencies on the Reserve.

CHIEF & COUNCIL MONTHLY MEETINGS...........Senior Cadet First Nation LEADERSHIP & Native Politics Skill Development.

FUTURE PARTNERSHIPS....are welcome to provide educational & employment recruiting Programs and LEADERSHIP skills for the Cadets.


The Cadets are recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments through awards, uniform pins/rank and scholarships that are provided to the Cadets from their respective  Band Chiefs & Councils, local businesses, schools, colleges and partnership sponsors.  Each Cadet is responsible to develop and maintain Cadet Training accomplishments outlining their goals, regulations and requirements in regards to sports, recreation, community service, education, LEADERSHIP skills, cultural awareness and other areas in which awards and recognition are obtained.



If you require further information regarding the successful Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program or are interested in starting your own successful Cadet Program, please contact:

Noreen Buffalo

President, Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program Society

Box 2369

Hobbema, Alberta

T0C 1N0


Cst. Richard D. Huculiak (Retired)

Hobbema Community Cadet Corps Program Coordinator (Retired September 1, 2010)


 Sgt. Mark A. Linnell

Provincial Youth Cadet Program Manager 

Wetaskiwin, AB                                      

(780) 312-7200   Office

 UPDATED  2010  10  23